Maximizing Efficiency in Medical Products Exports

The role of the export manager in a company that sells products for the medical/health sector has evolved significantly over time, especially in a globalized scenario with international conflicts. Previously, it was mainly focused on facilitating commercial transactions, coordinating the distribution of products to different regions, negotiating better freight and transportation options. Nowadays, this role goes beyond the commercial aspect.

With globalization and conflicts ocurrance, the export manager has become a key agent in ensuring access to essential medical supplies during these delicate periods. Companies like ours play a crucial humanitarian role, seeking to maintain the continuity of medical materials supply to conflict-affected areas, putting people’s health and well-being above any political or ideological differences.

In times of conflict, like the current one in Russia, a major action to change routes was necessary so that inputs could cross the ocean and reach our Russian customers. Logistics are not easy given so many closed ports and airports and the unavailability of services to the affected areas and countries. But not impossible when you have great commercial partners and freight forwarders to make it happen.

At Mazzaferro Medical, we constantly seek to improve our processes to provide exceptional service to our global customers. We focus on the differences that make our exports effective and fast. While some competitors take 7 to 8 months to produce inputs, we work to contribute to our customers growth. After all, our main differential is clear: ready to stock material for immediate delivery!

We are able to receive, approve, separate, invoice and ship an order quickly, completing all steps within 24 hours. This is one of the fundamental pillars that allows us to respond quickly to our customers demands. Our medical products have high added value, with reduced volumes. This enables us to speed up deliveries, especially through express transport, ensuring shorter deadlines and logistical efficiency.

Another crucial feature is our team, which operates in complete harmony. Everyone is on the same page, ready to offer assistance and support. With easy communication via email, WhatsApp and other digital platforms, we guarantee quick replies and personalized solutions to meet the specific needs of each client.

Our global experience over the years has allowed us to build solid and customized relationships with our clients. This journey enabled us to identify and offer the best storage, packaging, logistics and shipping conditions for a broad and diversified portfolio.